7 Reasons to focus on Visual Content

    The image has become the currency of the audience engagement on the Internet, especially on social media platforms. But what are the reasons that make us inevitably draw the image and generate more interactions than any other type of content? To answer this question, the complete collection about collecting different data, computer graphics…

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Emaze launched a new app for Android

If you struggled using Emaze presentations on your phone, then I’m glad to tell you that Emaze released a new app for Android which will help you to enjoy emaze presentations from your Android phone. What can you do with Emaze presentation app ? View Presentations- watch many Emaze presentations easily. Share Presentations- send easily…

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5 interesting Emaze presentations about movies

What makes a movie epic ? According to the following presentation creator, there is proven formula to make an epic movie. an epic movie is one that includes some or all of the following characteristics: futuristic technology, high stakes action, supernatural & suspenseful events, ordinary characters doing extraordinary things, uprising of a lower class. in…

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